A photo update

Hello! It’s been so long, yet again! My posts are becoming few and far between, but hopefully that will change sometime in the near future.

Zach and I have been wedding planning machines, cranking out things left and right without feeling like we’ve been spending too much time on it. It’s been great going through Marriage 101 at Cornerstone Church as well, talking about subjects that I’ve thought about but never talked deeper than surface level about in a group context (Not that we were doing much talking, mostly listening). I’m getting more and more excited each day, knowing that our wedding day is approaching and our life together will start so soon!

This last Sunday, November 17th, was my first bridal shower and it was wonderful! After getting over the initial “this is a party for me, this is kind of awkward” feelings, it was SO great to have most of my close friends in one room and to share that time with them. It was also a HUGE blessing, receiving gifts for Zach and I’s future household : )

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