I started this morning off with a run around the main street area of Ames. Had a side stitch the
whole way = death/really good run. : )
The mansion is all sorts of disastrous from people moving in and out and storing things here.
Our “coffee room” is literally full of things we are storing!

Coffee room turned storage unit.

Coffee room turned storage unit.

I also started sorting through all of my things…a pre-school cleaning to offset all the chaos happening downstairs. I’ve been finding a lot of design things in random places – stamping & embossing ventures:

IMG_8013 IMG_8027 IMG_8019

Also, because I’m changing rooms, I’ve been trying to find ways to better decorate my living space. I found an old wooden chair yesterday by a dumpster with Kristin. It has half of one arm missing (no biggie) and some minor scratches, but after polishing it up, it’ll pair great with the desk I’m going to paint white. I’m planning on painting my desk and bookcase from black to white and hanging white curtains instead of the golden patterned ones I have now. Planning how I’m going to decorate my living space is really fun! I’ve realized through the last handful of years of living away from my parents house and getting to decorate my own space that my style is constantly changing. I think it’s settling into a place that loves white, glass, and wood…open, clutter-less style.

201311_Drawer_units 201311_Pantry 201311_Wash_basins 201341_livc02a_01 0200510310 865188230e99dfa8_9331-w252-h252-b0-p0---bedroom bedroom-beds__bedside_tables_160 DSC_0007-2-1024x662 DSC_00161-1024x682 room Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 3.17.54 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 1.00.40 PM


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