Mid-week Inspiration

1. THIS WILD IDEA – I love hearing about people’s lives. Seriously, if you checked ANYTHING out today, check this out : ]

2. The Explicit Gospel – Finishing the last chapter in this book today. It’s been challenging in terms of how I live out my faith. Am I actually living what I say I believe? Am I coming up with excuses to not evangelize? When I think about sharing the gospel, do I have fear based in rejection or faith in the power of God? Didn’t Jesus say that we would be rejected? Why don’t I expect it and share the gospel to everyone I run into? Yep. Challenging.


4. MAKE THE FUTURE – I’ve seen many website with the same layout, but for some reason this one catches my eye. Maybe it’s the cool blue color scheme, maybe the sleek design, or maybe the idea behind it all.

5. Carolina Castiglioni’s home – I wouldn’t say it’s my style, but it is interesting!

home1 home2

6. If My Words Abide in You – John Piper – Seriously convicting, so much wisdom.


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