Ahh, Minneapolis.

Today is June 15. It not only marks 3 weeks in and 6 weeks left of my internship, but today marks 6 months of dating my amazing friend and brother in Christ, Zach Sunderland! He is wonderful, and these last 6 months have taught me a lot about myself. I’m so thankful for the way God provides people in my life – Zach as well as my good friends are blessings from God, a complete gift dependent on His grace and nothing I could do.

I’ve spent the morning sleeping in a rummaging through coffee shops to find wifi. I started at Spyhouse Coffee and ended up at Starbucks hiding my Spyhouse coffee cup under my sweater : ) Today, I feel like reflecting on my time in Minneapolis. There have been definite pros and cons of living here alone. I realize more and more every day that my confidence is, more than ever before, in Christ. I realize this because a year ago, my emotions and decisions were primarily based on how I felt or based on the ideas I had about myself/others (generated by my then pessimistic self). Every single thing we believe is based on truth or a lie, and over the last year I’ve realized that when lies would enter my mind, I would automatically accept them as truth and live my life according to these things. Now, my confidence doesn’t lie with my emotions, or what I’m doing, or who I’m with. Not with my success or my sense of self-worth. It’s great!! I have the most confidence I’ve ever had in my life. And why? Because my confidence isn’t generated by me, my confidence is in Christ and what He’s done. He is steadfast and true. I know I still have a long way to go, but He will never fail, and because of that I can have FULL confidence. (Proverbs 14:26)

I enjoy exploring different areas of Minneapolis on the weekends. I like seeing people with their unique styles. It reminds me a lot of Springfield. (I miss it SO much!) Interestingly enough, Minneapolis is less artsy and music-y/musical/likes music less than Springfield. This wasn’t what I was expecting, but I’m completely okay with that! It means that a trip to Springfield to see Leah and Josh is in order : )

Also, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my life might look like in a year or so and what I want to do with my life in the future. I’ve been creating a sort of a bucket-list/to-do list/things I would like for the next 5 years. Some of the things that are on it include….1) road trip by myself or with a close friend/my sister for at least 5 days!  2) go to california/a place with really great beaches and literally spend a day on the beach (I’ve never done this before!) 3) Create/start creating my own sense of style 4) Run a (or a few) 5ks by myself/with someone that challenges my pace  5) Go on an all-day hiking trip with Rachel Kirkpatrick  6) Have a GARDEN. I’m not sure anyone knows how much I really want to do this  7) plant flowers  8) Bless people by hosting a dinner party  9) Go camping  10) open a shop on etsy, have some of the proceeds go to Ames Abolitionist Movement.

Idea for dinner party? Pie night!

Idea for dinner party? Pie night!

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the things that I own (I know, still) Anyone that knows me well knows that I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while. I enjoy thinking about how to down-size and organize my things in a way that is more efficient and simple. Probably not a lot of people know this, but I enjoy browsing beauty blogs! Zoella and Essie Button are my favorites. They make beauty supply product reviews – which are great for the person who wants to find the cheapest good quality product! From talking to my friends, I’ve found that ladies usually spend so much time and money trying to narrow down products that work for them, but doing research really does save money – same for clothes/shoes/home products…always do research! The downside of these blogs is that it is easy to get caught up in consumerism. These ladies have piles and piles of makeup and beauty products and their blogs glamorize it. BUT, it is their job. They get paid to advertise and do product reviews because so many people  watch their videos/browse their blog. This is all a reminder to me that I’d rather not be like them. I would much rather have a small amount of things that I use on a daily basis than a bunch of things that I rarely use. hmm…thought for the day : )

Spring florals

Spring florals

I’ve been reading The Explicit Gospel, and if you haven’t read it I would highly recommend it! I’ve been learning so much about my pride and God’s grace – weighted issues of man that I’ve never thought much about. I listen to a lot of audio sermons at work, keeping up with Cornerstone sermons, Woodland Hills, and The Austin Stone. These are times when I’m really appreciative of technology – I can keep up with Cornerstone and feel like I know what’s going on even when I’m not there! I miss that community so much, I can’t wait until I’m back : )



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