You’ll be alright.

First week of internship dominated! I went through three projects this week – super fast paced compared to anything I’ve done before. It’s nice to be in a different working environment because I know that I will learn a lot and out of it be more disciplined when it comes to design work as well as being fast and efficient. This week during my work, I’ve listened to sermons, ted talks, music, and lectures. I’ve drank a lot of tea and have a Clif bar every single day. Late this afternoon when it was time for a tea break, I realized that we have a huge box of hot chocolate mix, so I mixed some in with mint tea. So good! Pretty sweet though.

It’s been a bit hard here, missing my friends back in Ames. This summer is a sharp contrast to the last summer, where I spent most of my time alone and not feeling the want/need to be around people. It’s been delightful to see God changing my heart in this way – showing me my need (and want!) for community. Not being in Ames has forced me a bit out of my comfort zone, though I am completely okay with that. I enjoy the thrill of trying new things, meeting new people, doing things I wouldn’t “normally” do. A breath of fresh air!

Every time I’m away from what I know, it causes me to re-evaluate most things in my life. Today, I was sitting at my desk designing at my internship and I was complaining internally about how much I wanted to just get up and go outside and go for a run or hike or sit around a lake and read. How much I would rather be enjoying the sunshine. I also thought about “what if instead of an internship, this was my job right now? what if this was the start to a long career?” and I surprisingly answered that thought with “I would much rather plant a HUGE garden and sell things at farmers markets. and build things and help people. I would much rather be doing something more tangible with my hands than sitting at a desk all day.” Hmm. Sometimes I just wonder where I’ll be in 5 years. Will I be getting a masters in social work? Will I be in graphic design? Will I be overseas? Will I have my own garden? In the meantime, I preoccupied with how I am living in relation to those around me. Is how I live my life helpful? Am I trying to be minimal or am I apathetic?  Are all the things I own being used?

Speaking of minimalism, I was thinking about coffee makers and how many people use them when they could go cheaper and get better coffee. I ran into this (looks super cool, costs a ton) by Able Brewing, but it is designed to use with the Chemex, which is another purchase. Ahh, consumerism! Here is a cheaper option using just a coffeecup. Sadly, I’m starting to like tea more than coffee. Partially due to the taste and partially due to the fact that it’s clearing my skin.


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