1. Brewing Espresso

2. Type Designer Blog

All things type. Lots to learn about type design!


Another project website – scrolling through community/individual projects to see what people in the world are up to.

4. JCrew

I really enjoy JCrew. Next to Banana Republic, it is probably my favorite store. I definitely don’t visit there very often and don’t own much of their clothing, but I appreciate their simple style.

5. A Beautiful Mess

This has been one of my favorite blogs for close to 3 years now. Interesting fact – they live in Springfield MO! Once I found this out (after I moved back to Iowa, of course) I went down to visit and went to their shop. Of course I was way too nervous to introduce myself and tell them how much I loved their design & blog! Maybe next time 😉

6. Sweet Sketchbooks

I found some photos browsing the web of sweet things in designer sketchbooks. Sketchbooks are equal to journals in my opinion. Looking back on past sketches and projects, I can easily determine what I was feeling and what was going on in that time of life. These sketches are inspiring because these artists obviously spend more time on their sketches than I do! Though it makes it much more interesting.

sketchbook1 sketchbook2 sketchbook3

7. For Print Only

Inspiration for design projects!!

8. The Beauty Aside

I absolutely adore this design set.

beauty beauty2 beauty3 beauty4

9. The Sartorialist 

Different styles, different fashion, different cities. This photographer is amazing, I’ve been following the blog for years now. Only sometimes do I actually like the style of people on the blog, but nevertheless it is very interesting!

10. Kinfolk Videos 🙂


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