I arrived in Minneapolis yesterday. It’s interesting because when I used to move to a different place it was as if it never felt like home and I had to try to find a “home” there – which actually caused me a lot of stress. Well now, back in Ames feels like home and when I got here, it feels like wherever I go is home. I don’t chalk that up to Minneapolis, I think it’s part of knowing who I am in Christ and finding comfort in Him rather that circumstances. It’s something I’ve definitely been praying for the last few years that I would start to understand.

Last night right after I moved my things in my room, I decided to work out. I think I can actually see a difference in my arms – hopefully I am not imagining things! We went to dinner afterward where I had the most amazing veggie burger and sweet potato fries. Later I decided to go on a walk and wander around and found a Trader Joe’s just minutes away. I’m not sure if anyone knows how happy this makes me? SO. Happy. Especially after deciding to go vegetarian this summer. : )
I spent the night writing emails, journaling, and doing homework. IMG_7894 IMG_7895



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