1. Digital Art Tutorials

A page I came across while working on an Animation project – trying how to create the “low-poly” look. After taking the Animation studio, I have a new found appreciating for computer arts, especially C4D and After Effects. Honestly, I think that class taught me more than any other class at ISU. I struggled through it and earned an “A” at the end of the semester! Definitely one of my proudest academic moments. I think if you have animation art under your belt, you are set for a career in graphic design.

2. Organizing Finances

I appreciate this article, because it puts in simple terms how to take control of your finances. Although I wish it went more in-depth with each step, it’s a good way to start looking at your finances as something that is under your control. I’m slowly learning how to properly take care of my finances. I don’t want my life to seem in order, but then my finances a mess. Articles such as these are encouraging, but it’s better to get advice from a christian perspective, such as Dave Ramsey. I’m going through this book right now, and it’s very straightforward and challenging. (in a very good way!)

3. Simple Kitchens

The house I live in now is somewhat retro…all you have to do is glance at the floor. It is nice and open but I don’t appreciate the setup or color palette. It’s interesting living with four other ladies – everyone has their own style. Most of my roommates have brightly color dish ware, while my dishes sit in a cabinet, tucked away, with an all-white color palette – just the way I like it. My ideal kitchen would be open, bright, fresh, minimal, and mostly white!

kitchen1 kitchen2 kitchen3 kitchen4





4. Des Moines Art Center

Only near the end of this last semester did I realize that they have fun events! They had a film festival near the middle of March which caught my attention. I haven’t ventured in DSM very much, but I plan to keep my eye on these events next semester so that when I need a break, I can do something fun and different!

5. Sketching

These photos encourage me to sketch much more than I do! My professors would definitely love it!


6. Sustainable Cities Collective

It’s interesting to see what cities all over the world are doing to be sustainable. Taking a look at other projects helps me to understand Design Across Boundaries better and gives me ideas about how to implement sustainability into what we are doing.

7. This site

I actually have no idea how I found this site or what it is, but I like the style of clothing (most of it anyway)!

8. Shrewsbury

This design!

indentity1 identity2













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