A day of random finds

1. Little Dresses for Africa

If you like to sew, this is definitely for you. The Live Green Initiative on Iowa State’s campus had an event in which people came to the art space in Memorial Union and made dresses from old pillowcases for a day. What a wonderful way to use something that so many people have in their home! There are plenty of people who have a stack of extra pillowcases in their closet that easily clothe children in struggling communities in Africa.

2. Coffee Soap

I never knew this existed. Mind blown. I’ve always liked the idea of using bar soap for washing hands instead of liquid soap because it is cost effective. Only thing is…it’s also very effective at drying out skin. With some research on how to make homemade soap, it’s not too difficult to purchase essential oils to make a simple and good quality bar soap. “Coffee is one of nature’s skin care super ingredients. It’s caffeine content dehydrates fat cells, whisks away reddening and discoloration, and tightens and firms skin. Used in aromatherapy for clearing the mind and promoting optimism, it is also known to be an effective antioxidant.” If creativity takes over and I feel like making bar soap, I’m definitely adding some good ol’ coffee 🙂

3. Vita.mn

The place where I’m going to find all the fun things I’ll be doing once I move to Minneapolis! Here’s my list of things to do so far: Watch a play at the Guthrie, bike ride/run by a lake, go to an art gallery/show opening, live music, find the best coffee in the city, find a hole-in-the-wall book store, go to a baseball game, and run a 5k.

4. Jane Farnham

Jane is a surface pattern designer and aids in inspiration in my illustration endeavors. She has wonderful quirkiness and great color pallets.

5. Flickr Newspaper Club

It’s cool. Nuff said.


6. Books about NYC

For some reason I went/am going through a phase where I really enjoy books set in New York City. This is probably due to the fact I visited last fall. When I was there, I felt like I was in my own little world, busy taking in my surroundings. I loved the tall buildings, coffee shops everywhere, and amazing style. I now have a small collection of photos of NYC storefront because of this trip – they constantly caught my eye. I was also intrigued with the contrast between places such as Manhattan and Brooklyn. How can so many different cultures continue to live together in one place? It’s so interesting to me.

7. Free Google Books

Free books are the best. I’m about 1/8 of the way through “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens. (yes, I’m a slow reader) On my “bucket list” is to read through a handful of classics, so this allows me to do that for free 🙂

8. Venture Expeditions

For those of you who crave adventure. Sometimes, I wish I could just drop everything and backpack across the country. This is 2nd best. Trips that vary from about a week to a few months. Cycling/running/hiking trips across different parts of the country. SO FUN.

9. Open Book

A place that I would like to do homework in Minneapolis. 🙂

10. Tutorials

A collection of random tutorials for different areas of design. Pretty sweet I must say.


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