Sermon: Wholehearted Prayer

Wholehearted Prayer - David Tyler

Wholehearted Prayer – David Tyler

At the center of what great missionary or movement does not have prayer? They lacked everything, but they did not lack prayer.

Our prayers have weight with God.
“Wholehearted prayer moves God to do the impossible.”
Mark 11:20 

What is wholehearted prayer?
To God, through Jesus, by faith.
:22 – “Have faith in God.”
There is no power in prayer itself, there is power in the God we are praying to.
:23 – Jesus promises that their prayers will have such power that mountains could be thrown into the sea.
Uses imagery to explain that they will see God do the impossible.
John 14:12
When we are praying, we must remember the truth of the gospel concerning truth.
Only the gospel can uphold a life of prayer.
We can not justify ourself based on our works or our own standard – if we live our life this way, we have no need to pray.
We are completely dependent on and loved by God.
:24 – believe that you have received it
“..and does not doubt in his heart…”
Emphasis on whether or not God moves on whether or not we believe.



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