Today I am at my parent’s house visiting. It’s always nice coming home to the country – quiet and still.

Dandelions always cover our yard in the spring.

Dandelions always cover our yard in the spring.

For lunch, my mom, dad, and I had a picnic by the field that my dad is tearing up. Afterwards, I rode with my dad in the tractor to spend additional quality time with him.

Lately I’ve been making lists. I’m currently sorting through all my belongings, ridding

What used to be "my room". Notice the pink blinds!

What used to be “my room”. Notice the pink blinds!

myself of things that I don’t use or don’t need. I do this every semester and it always seems to take much longer than I think. Each time, I re-evaluate my belongings (how can I cut down on the things I own and live more simple?) as well as my life (what am I spending time on? is my life showing fruit?) and my thoughts cover pages and pages of my journal. Thoughts on saving time and money by purchasing items that are good quality, that I truly enjoy, and will last a long time. These principles are ones that I need to keep in mind every time I think about a purchase, because I truly want to and enjoy keeping my life simple. Today I am thinking about these things as well as settling in for an afternoon of designing and listening to podcasts/the audio bible.



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