Vision of a Church Planter

I listened to this podcast by Matt Chandler this morning. Matt Chandler is quickly becoming my new favorite pastor to listen to via podcast. My notes & thoughts about the message:

So often I focus on “who do I want to be?” when I should be focusing on “Who does Christ call me to be?” There are so many things that you could dedicate yourself to…

Where is the gospel in our daily lives? Are we truly giving all of our lives to the Lord? Are we living out the gospel in every single thing we do? In the things we say, the things we wear, the people we meet?

What are the “big deal” things to God vs the “big deal” things to us? Are we making the gospel what we would like it to be? Are our lives based on the way we would like our lives to look or based on scripture?

Sanctification comes as you engage within the workplaces and worlds you are placed in. We should be preaching and teaching this often and we should be living this out.

A church on mission is dependent on the holy spirit.

“There’s a power that you don’t get to control, you just get to submit to it.”

Every time I listen to this sermon, it takes me back to what is really important. It is truly refreshing and focusing!


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