I’ve come across a few things in the last few days that have been encouraging! I found this in a blog >>

A Good Stress Manager:

    • Knows for herself how much challenge, pressure, stimulation is enough and how much is too much
    • Nips stress in the bud
    • Understands that she is not indispensable
    • Never eats to cope
    • Never worries
    • Smiles inside and lets go when starting to feel frantic
    • Sees challenges rather than problems
    • Knows when to say NO
    • Knows when to say YES
    • Feels genuinely connected to others
    • Can enjoy solitude
    • Remembers that he will die someday…and chooses wisely every moment
    • Has positive self esteem
    • Doesn’t blame herself or anyone else
    • Has patience
    • Backs off occasionally
    • Takes time to see, hear, smell, and touch
    • Depends on his support network
    • Is optimistic
    • Takes care of herself
    • Looks for better ideas
    • Can have fun without spending money
    • Can spend money without feeling guilty
    • Sleeps on it
    • Doesn’t get upset about little things
    • Breaks the big jobs into easy little tasks
    • Understands that she is not perfect
    • Remembers to express gratitude and appreciation to others
    • Picks fights carefully…and lets the little ones go
    • Has a vision for herself and her world, and works to achieve it
    • Has and continually develops a value and spiritual belief system
    • Responds in proportion to the situation
    • Is flexible in body, mind, and spirit
    • Pays attention to physical tension and knows how to relax
    • Eats regular, well-balanced meals
    • Cares about and practices physical fitness
    • Knows how to pace herself
    • Feels worthwhile, important, and in charge of his life
    • Knows the difference between stress that challenges and stress that threatens
    • Sits quietly and thinks
    • Spends minimal time dwelling on resentments, grudges, and jealousies
    • Asks himself, “50 years from now, who will know or care?”

The reason I enjoy this? Because it describes a person who is balanced in the areas of life that I would like to be disciplined in. I also really appreciate this article. It is a good reminder that I don’t have to try to do something big for God. All I have to do is love Him, seek after Him, and let the Holy Spirit work through me.

“The Holy Spirit empowers you to disciple others, spread the gospel of Jesus, love, and serve.”

I am not great because I am alive or because of anything I have done. I am great because of what Jesus has done for me. And that is a wonderful thing!


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