Closest friend, I’m lost in love.

I took it upon myself to go adventuring around downtown Springfield this afternoon. I ran into some interesting people and places! It’s interesting to monitor my passion for and willingness to do photography. Most times when I’m in Ames I don’t feel like shooting anything, but once I came to Springfield I’ve wanted to take pictures of everything. I used to be so hard on myself…trying to promote myself and be a photographer’s assistant and be on top of editing and shooting in new ways and trying my hardest to climb to the top. I stressed myself out so much that I finally realized that I was holding on to a dream that might not be God’s plan for me. So I gave up striving. Now I don’t care what my pictures look like. I just want to document what I see. Inspiration comes from the way you live your life. I want to remember my days. If photographs preserve moments, then I’ll take as many pictures as I can.

First, I came across a glass blower’s shop where they were giving a demonstration.

…on the way to the Bistro Market… the Bistro Market…

…then I went to 5#Apparel, one of the two fair trade stores in Springfield…

…and photos I took while I was exploring…


Now I’m just siting at The Coffee Ethic, yet again, processing the day, the month, semester, year. It’s a good day : ]

I bought this ring from 5#Apparel. It is a wooden painted ring, handmade in Uganda.


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