Don’t give up.

We asked him “what is the greatest need you have to be able to continue doing your job well?” He responded with “More aftercare. More quality homes to put the girls in once they are rescued. Without those, trafficking will never end, the cycle will always repeat itself.”

This article was exactly what I needed to read this morning. It got me thinking about my dreams. What would I do if I could do anything? I would go to graduate school and get a Master’s of Social Work and become a Licensed Social Worker. I would move to another country (2nd tier watch list or 3rd tier) and live in a community for a few years, learning the language and culture and building connections with the people. In these years, I would find out as much about human trafficking in the city as possible. Then I would find a group of people who have this injustice on their hearts and build a safe home. I would act as a director or a counselor to be involved with restoration. I would also start a business that would allow women trapped in the vicious cycle of enslavement to be trained and mentored in a skill and business logistics and allow them the opportunity to build a team and start a business.

Ahh, dreams : ]


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