You’ll never find the answers until you set your old heart free.

Sitting here trying to think about what my life will be like in a couple years or so.

I used to dream about living in a huge city. One where the buildings are always towering over you. Surrounded by coffee and old record shops. Living in a tiny loft apartment with my dog. Band and movie posters cluttering the wall, filled with d.i.y. experiments and stacks and stacks of books. A place where at any time, you can find people with amazing stories, unique style, and a nack for finding the coolest places.

At night I’d find myself at a show, talking design or running under street lights. God and music would keep me going. I would take pictures of everything. I would only eat what I could find at farmer’s markets. I would ditch my car for a sturdy bike with a basket on the back. Get involved in a church with a small congregation. Bless strangers with what God gives me.

In some ways I still want this picture that I’ve had for quite some time, yet in some ways it feels too safe. Though sometimes safe is good, other times safe looks too much like settling. How could one ever know the difference?






Blood Brothers

A testimony that you should never let your dreams to do amazing things for God be crippled by fear, rendering them powerless.

A week ago I visited IHOP KC. It was amazing. All week God had been opening my eyes to certain areas of my life, showing me the next steps I needed to take. Spending time at IHOP reconfirmed what was on my heart and what things I need to focus on in my study & prayer. When I got there, I walked around main street a while and took some pictures.

They had the most colorfully painted houses!



I’m undone.

Studying the trinity, His community, His amazing love. God’s gift of revelation has been so abundant lately. He’s given me a clear vision of the next two seasons I will walk in. How gracious is my God? Take my heart. Take everything. My thoughts, my heart, my mind, my life. Tell me to go anywhere. I’ll go. Because I’m in love.

Closest friend, I’m lost in love.

I took it upon myself to go adventuring around downtown Springfield this afternoon. I ran into some interesting people and places! It’s interesting to monitor my passion for and willingness to do photography. Most times when I’m in Ames I don’t feel like shooting anything, but once I came to Springfield I’ve wanted to take pictures of everything. I used to be so hard on myself…trying to promote myself and be a photographer’s assistant and be on top of editing and shooting in new ways and trying my hardest to climb to the top. I stressed myself out so much that I finally realized that I was holding on to a dream that might not be God’s plan for me. So I gave up striving. Now I don’t care what my pictures look like. I just want to document what I see. Inspiration comes from the way you live your life. I want to remember my days. If photographs preserve moments, then I’ll take as many pictures as I can.

First, I came across a glass blower’s shop where they were giving a demonstration.

…on the way to the Bistro Market… the Bistro Market…

…then I went to 5#Apparel, one of the two fair trade stores in Springfield…

…and photos I took while I was exploring…


Now I’m just siting at The Coffee Ethic, yet again, processing the day, the month, semester, year. It’s a good day : ]

I bought this ring from 5#Apparel. It is a wooden painted ring, handmade in Uganda.